Meet Mary Pat


My Commitment to Coaching

Being a Productivity Coach ignites my passion for sharing my experience and nurturing success for the agents in the coaching program.   

As  the Productivity Coach, I consult with each associate to uncover their goals, coach them on the actions necessary to achieve those goals, and then hold them accountable for taking the necessary actions.  I track their results and celebrate successes or address areas which need improvement.

Additionally, when I see a need, I work closely with our training and growth ALC teams to create and implement productivity events and add new training classes on the training calendar.   I consider learning as the foundation of their action plan and hold them accountable to achieving their results.      

When an agent reaches success and graduates from the coaching program we celebrate the milestone with the Market Center.  It's a wonderful day!


 * Gain clarity of purpose and goals * Develop a stronger mindset * Build confidence, self-esteem and business acumen * Manage your time more efficiently * Develop your value proposition * Maximize your sphere of influence and database * Create a consistent pipeline of leads and sales * Master buyer and seller presentations
* Effectively overcome common objections

let's have fun building your career worth having - contact me!